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Summit Engineering Group is a structural engineering firm, specializing in bridges. An authority in bridge design and construction, our expert engineering staff provides services for public agencies, design consultants and contractors, including segmental concrete bridge design and construction engineering, design build engineering, spliced concrete girder design, and erection and demolition engineering. We excel in providing streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs. Now with the combined engineering prowess of Modjeski and Masters, one of the world’s leading bridge engineering firms, we can better serve our clients and strengthen the nation’s infrastructure. To learn more, visit

Highlighted Projects

Ramp 1 - Denver, Colorado

The project consists of a flyover ramp from northbound Santa Fe to northbound Interstate 25 in Denver, Colorado. The flyover is made up of eleven spans of spliced, pre-cast, post-tensioned concrete straight and curved U-gcirders. Read More...

I-25 over Santa Fe - Denver, Colorado

This bridge is the Interstate 25 overpass of Santa Fe Drive in Denver, CO. The overpass is made up of three spans of spliced, pre-cast, post-tensioned concrete straight U-girders chorded around a curved layout. Read More...

6th Ave. Arch - Denver, Colorado

The project consists of a seven span bridge structure carrying two RTD light rail lines over 6th Ave. The bridge consists of six 80’ concrete bulb-t girder approach spans and a 286’ steel basket arch main span. Read More...

Indiana Flyover - Denver, Colorado

The project consists of a twelve span bridge structure carrying a single RTD light rail track over 6th Ave and Indiana Ave. The bridge consists of concrete cast-in-place box girder approach spans and a steel girder main span. Read More...

RTD Light Rail over Wadsworth – Lakewood, Colorado

The Project consists of a three span structure for an RTD light rail station over Wadsworth Blvd. at 13th Ave.Read More...

Ramp A, SH-58/I-70 Flyover - Wheatridge, Colorado

The Project consists of the flyover of State Highway 58 and Interstate 70 in Wheatridge, Colorado. The flyover is made up of eleven spans of spliced, pre-cast, post-tensioned concrete U-girders, seven of which are curved. Read More...

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas, Texas

This bridge is one of three Santiago Calatrava, famed Italian architect, designed bridges being built over the Trinity River in Dallas as part of the Trinity River Project. Read More...

Consulting Structural Engineering Services

At Summit Engineering we provide engineering and consulting services from project conception through construction on bridge projects ranging from simple to complex. Our primary clients are heavy highway contractors, and we have extensive experience in the design and construction of reinforced and post tensioned concrete bridge structures with a major emphasis in segmental construction. During their careers, members of our staff have worked for construction companies, consulting firms, and fabricators on major bridge projects. This broad base of experience enables our staff to focus on engineering problems from the contractor’s perspective.

Our core services include, structural engineering bridge design, segmental bridge construction engineering, bridge construction engineering, design build engineering, and erection & demolition engineering. Read More..

Technical Papers

In the last few years, significant technological advances have been achieved in bridge engineering technology. These cover a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from design, maintenance, and rehabilitation methodologies to material and monitoring innovations. Summit Engineering group contributes to the body of knowledge in bridge engineering technology through innovative design and construction practices. To view some of the technical papers written by Summit Engineering click here.

  • Design & Construction of the SH58 Flyover Bridge
  • Innovative Applications of PC U Girders Paper 2010 rev 1 -PCI

  • News

    Summit Engineering Group is very pleased to announce that we have been acquired by leading bridge engineering firm Modjeski and Masters. “Modjeski and Masters’ legacy and prestige in the bridge design and engineering industry is well documented and respected,” said Gregg Reese, PE, president of Summit. “It has such a long list of noteworthy achievements and iconic projects. To flourish for over 120 years in this business shows a dedication to timeless engineering craft and the willingness to innovate and stay on the cutting edge. We’re excited to help Modjeski and Masters remain at the forefront of bridge design and engineering to solve our industry’s complex problems even more efficiently.” To learn more, visit