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PCI, Honorable Mention, 2013

Bronco Bridge -
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The IH25 Bridge over the Platte River is a Denver, Colo., landmark structure, carrying more than 200,000 vehicles across its span every day. The bridge consisted of steel arches supporting the superstructure and was dubbed the Bronco Arch Bridge by local residents due to its proximity to Mile High Stadium. Like many bridges in the United States, this 60-year-old structure was seriously deteriorated from overuse, which caused it to receive one of the lowest sufficiency ratings in Colorado.

Colorado Public Works Journal, 2013

Big Changes Coming to Valley Highway -
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In April 2010, CDOT crews performed emergency repairs to the northbound I-25 bridge over Santa Fe Drive, closing several lanes to fill a 5x5-foot hole in the deck that had appeared overnight. Inspection determined another $400,000 of repairs was needed promptly and that future repairs costing several million dollars would likely be needed over the next three to

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, spring 2013

The Bronco Arch Bridge -
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The I-25 Bridge over the South Platte River has been a Denver landmark structure since its initial construction in 1951. The steel arches, supporting the bridge superstructure, became known as the Bronco Arches after the Denver Broncos began playing football in the adjacent Mile High Stadium in 1960.

PCI, Best Non-Highway Bridge, 2012

Wadsworth Boulevard LRT Bridge and Station -
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An innovative substructure design allowed the three-span Wadsworth LRT bridge to be constructed as an integral frame. The design ensured that the spliced and posttensioned precast concrete–girder bridge could efficiently support two rail lines, a bicycle lane, and a new transit station and platform directly above the street. The bridge is part of the $707 million, 12.1 mi (19.5 km) long West Corridor expansion of the Denver, Colo., light-rail system.

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, spring 2011

In Harmony with Nature -
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Utah’s first segmental bridge constructed from above to minimize impact on scenic national park The new U.S. 191 Bridge over the Colorado River in Moab, Utah, blends with the spectacular Canyonlands region and offers a number of features to ensure that the landscape remained pristine during and after construction. The state’s first segmental concrete bridge was constructed in a way that allowed continual recreational use of the river and surrounding area during construction.

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, spring 2011

Design and Construction of the I-10 Trinity River Bridge -
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A combination of concrete solutions The Trinity River Bridge carries heavily traveled I-10 over the Trinity River between Houston and Beaumont. The existing bridge built in the 1950s consisted of twin structures with a combined roadway width of 52 ft for two lanes in each direction. The existing bridge also had steep 4% grades to provide for 73ft of navigation clearance.

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, Fall 2010

Focuses on Precast Innovation -
Download Article: Focuses on Precast Innovation (5.06 MB PDF)

Segmental, curved U-girders are putting construction engineering firm on growth path. Summit Engineering Group Inc. has made its name on the cutting edge of construction engineering, becoming an expert in the use of precast concrete segmental girders on complex bridge projects. It has gained particular expertise in spliced, post-tensioned U-girders in urban locations. The benefits offered by these components has the firm poised for significant growth.

2010 Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) Design Awards

Design Award Honorable Mention - SH58 Ramp A Flyover Bridge -

For 36 years, CRSI has proudly presented the Design Awards to outstanding examples of innovative reinforced concrete design throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Entries are judged on: Aesthetic Expression, Design Innovation, Engineering Achievement, Functional Excellence, and Economy of Construction.

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, Spring 2010

SH58 Ramp A Flyover Bridge -
Download Article: SH58 Ramp A Flyover Bridge (260.0 KB PDF)

The State Highway (SH)58 Ramp A Bridge in Golden, Colo., features a state-of-the-art design using curved precase concrete bridge girders to overcome serious challenges that arise when creating complex intercahnge projects. This latest project, the fifth of six projects to date to use this technique in the state, demonstrates the benefits of this approach to consturct cost effective, complex, long-span structures in high-profile locations where aesthetics and urban geometrics are significant design considerations. Read More...

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, Winter 2010

The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Bridge At Matagorda, Texas
Download Article: Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Bridge (580.0 KB PDF)

The Matagorda Peninsula in Texas is a largely undeveloped, 60-mile-long stretch of barrier islands known for its fishing, beautiful beaches, and cattle ranching. Only one of the two islands comprising the peninsula is accessible by vehicle. Formerly, that access was by a single, floating swing bridge across the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway at Matagorda. The bridge is used by vacationers and a few year-round inhabitants. Interestingly, ranchers owning property on both the mainland and island, also use it to drive their herds to the island for winter grazing.

2009 Harry Edwards Industry Advancement Award

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) - SH58 Ramp A Flyover Bridge

This Colorado ramp flyover bridge is unique both for its use of state-of-the-art curved precast concrete girders and for the difficult, busy traffic thoroughfares over which it was built. All traffic crossings were high-volume roadways that required night and weekend erection and lane closures. The bridge currently has the longest span using constant-depth precast U-girder construction in Colorado. It employs a number of innovations and refinements of this type of construction, which demonstrates the flexibility inherent in the use of precast U-girders. The bridge's design blends the advantages of cast-in-place concrete construction -Read More...

2009 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)

Merit Award, SH58 Ramp A Flyover Bridge

The Ramp A flyover bridge was designed to allow access to the east side of the city of Golden from eastbound I-70. Summit performed the structural engineering design of the bridge substructure and superstructure and provided extensive engineering support to the Contractor. The Ramp A project demonstrates the advantages of using locally manufactured, precast concrete components to construct cost-effective, complex, long-span structures in high profile applications. Read More...

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, Summer 2009

Innovation Speeds Construction Bijou Street Bridge over Monument Creek -
Download Article: Bijou Street Bridge over Monument Creek (572.0 KB PDF)

Designers of the Bijou Street Bridge in Colorado Springs, Colo., created a spliced, post-tensioned, precast concrete superstructure that features innovative prestressing layouts and variable cross-sections to accommodate the unique geometric requirements and erection scheme.

ASPIRE, The Concrete Bridge Magazine, Summer 2009

I-45 Galveston Causeway -
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The new I-45 Galveston Causeway Bridge, which crosses Galveston Bay in Texas, replaces two existing structures that had outlived their useful service life. The new bridge uses a combination of precast, prestressed concrete I girders and a castin- place concrete, variable-depth, doublecell, segmental box girder.

2008 Precast Concrete Institute Bridge Design Award

Best Bridges With Main Span From 75 to 150 Feet Long - Bijou Bridge Over Monument Creek

“This project provides an excellent application of very effectively expanding the use of precast concrete U girders to accomplish a good design and to speed construction.”

- Judges Comments

2007 Precast Concrete Institute Bridge Design Award

Best Bridge with Spans Greater Than 150 Feet - RAMP K Flyover

“This project provides a very economical design for spans as long as 200 feet...The curved design is quite innovative and sets an example for future bridges of this kind.”

- Judges Comments