Lake Lewisville Bridge – Denton, Texas

  • RTD Light Rail Over CMD Tracks, Steel Arch Bridge
  • RTD Light Rail Over CMD Tracks, Steel Arch Bridge

Project Summary

Precast Concrete I-Girder Bridge

This project consists of three bridges. The Lake Lewisville bridge carries FM720 over Lake Lewisville, while the other two bridges take the bridge over Harts Branch and Peach Creek. The Lake Bridge is made up of 21 spans of precast, prestressed concrete I-Girders supporting a cast-in-place deck. The spans lengths are 110 ft and 115 ft and vary. The existing structure removed was built in the 1950's and was comprised of rolled steel I-girders and a 5" concrete deck. The old structure was extremely deteriorated and limited the bridge superstructure to little or no construction loading. Summit provided Erection and Demolition Engineering services for the bridges included barge stability analysis of all crane activities on the water.

Project cost: $55 Million

Client: J D Abrams L.P.

Services Performed

  • Evaluate construction loadings on new & existing structures.
  • Design of Temporary Crane Dock for loading & unloading cranes from barges.
  • Development of erection manual.
  • Demolition plan development.
  • Barge Stability Analysis.
  • Design of lifting equipment and rigging.
  • Integrated working drawings.

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