Professional Staff

Summit Engineering has assembled a strong team of professionals to address the engineering challenges of our clients.

Gregg A. Reese, P.E.


Gregg A. Reese, P.E., has worked in the field of structural engineering with a focus on bridge design and construction for over thirty years. He is the Firm Principal and Chief Bridge Engineer responsible for all engineering services including the design and construction of building, municipal and highway structures. He is a member of PCI and serves on the Bridge Committee. He holds a BSCE and MSE from the University of Texas.

Donald L. Deschamp, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

DeWayne Hansen, P.E. has over forty years of experience providing analysis, design, and construction services on bridge projects throughout Colorado including construction engineering, falsework design, erection plans, preparation of construction drawings, and the review of contractors shop drawings. DeWayne graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering; and received his MBA degree from the University of Colorado.

Andrew D. Mish, P.E.


Andrew D. Mish, P.E., has ten years of experience in structural engineering through the precast/prestressed concrete industry, and has served on the PCI Bridge Committee. His professional experience includes design and analysis of prestressed concrete bridges and buildings; design of concrete repairs; shop drawing preparation and review; and quality control procedures for precast concrete production. He holds a BS in Engineering from Swarthmore College and a ME with an emphasis in Civil and Structural Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Martin T. Reed, E.I.T.


Martin T. Reed, P.E., has worked for contractors and fabricators with knowledge in the design and construction of steel and concrete bridges and precast buildings. His experiences include design, analysis and inspection of temporary structures; design of steel and concrete girder erection and demolition plans; and creation of shop drawings. He holds a BSAE from the University of Wyoming

Vanessa L. Storlie, P.E.


Vanessa L. Storlie, P.E., has 6 years of experience in bridge design, analysis, and inspection. Her experience includes load rating of existing steel, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete bridges, design of prestressed concrete and steel bridges, and hands-on inspection of complex bridges. She has also assisted with several research projects involving ratings and legal load evaluation. She holds a BCE in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MS with an emphasis in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Wyoming.

Jesus Muro, E.I.T.


Jesus Muro, E.I.T., is a bridge designer. He has several years of experience in design and construction of residential and light commercial structures. He also has 7 years of experience conducting research studies and preparing publications related to concrete development and characterization. He holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Reza Baie, E.I.T.


Reza Baie, E.I.T., is a PhD candidate in structural engineering at Texas A&M University. He has conducted a 5-year research project on spliced prestressed concrete girder bridges for TxDOT. He has 2 years of experience in dynamic analysis and seismic design of structures, as well as 3 years of experience in analysis and detailing of concrete girder bridges, wind analysis of industrial sheds, and construction management. He holds a MS in Earthquake Engineering and a BS in Civil Engineering.

Randall Spears, E.I.T.


Randall Spears, E.I.T., has 2 years of experience in the design of steel and concrete railroad and roadway bridges. He also has experience in bridge load rating, design of retaining walls and culverts, construction engineering, falsework design, and demolition and erection plans. He holds a BSCE and MSCE with an emphasis in Structures from Texas Tech University.